Enrich your life and be your best you. 

Yoga Teacher Training is more than just learning how to teach people how to teach others yoga poses. Yoga teacher training is a spiritual, emotional and physical journey one goes through to learn how to be their best self and to learn how to lead others to do the same. The journey is one filled with highs and lows but one that ultimately leads you to being the bet version of you. 

Joy Yoga University came about because we know how hectic life can be and how much of a commitment (financial and time) an in-studio training. Let’s be honest, not very many of us are good at sitting in a room for hours at a time. We wanted to help reach more people and allow more people to start their journey of learning about yoga and leading a better life. 

We live in a world were accessibility is the name of the game and why thought yoga teacher training was no different. We spent an entire year creating this program and developing it based on the Yoga Alliance curriculum. Our goal is to provide a quality training that will help our students live more fulfilled lives, conquer their fears and learn about yoga in a personalized setting.

We could go on and on about why our training is so great but here are just a few benefits of taking our online yoga training course.

Here are some other benefits of taking online teacher training:

1) Cost: On average, yoga teacher training costs thousands of dollars. Our online teacher training costs $1495 in full with options to take one module at time for a cost of $399-$599 per module.

2) Additional costs: Even weekend trainings that are in your hometown lead to time away from work which is costing you money and/or vacation. Travel time for the commute  and/or the expense of travelling for distance trainings are costly. You could have to to pay for food and lodging while you are attending your Yoga instructor training or you may have to pay in time away from your family and have to figure out those obligations and/or the expense of childcare.

3) Time: Without a doubt, time is a very precious thing. We are all so busy! With online teacher training you choose a schedule that fits your needs and your lifestyle. With one year to complete you can do your training in the convenience of your home or while you are traveling for vacation. However you go about it, it is all up to you.

4) Retention: Sometimes that monkey mind takes over and we become distracted or information does not always click right away when we are learning something new. With this program you are able to (and encouraged to!) watch the videos over and over. This way you can truly retain this valuable information.


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